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Experts at search engine advertising

Rely on the expertise and resources of Eurectory team to make your Google Ads grow your business.

Your Ads campaign in detail

  • What is Google Ads, and what does pay per click mean?

Google Ads is an advertising service that is pay per click, or PPC. This is the most efficient way to advertise. You will address only the people who are searching for the keywords you use. You only pay for the adverts that users click on. This is where our budget and bid management comes in. Bid management means we take care of the bidding on keywords for you, and we also ensure that your adverts are written persuasively. We do this in order to get the most out of your campaign.

  • Campaign setup

Your conversation with our team about your keywords is just the start. We will perform research and not only decide the best keywords to use, but also exclude any terms that generate irrelevant traffic. We will create your entire advertising campaign, including expertly written ads to persuade customers to visit your website. Also, you know where your customers are, so you tell us where to show your ads: locally, nationally, or globally.

  • Google campaign management

Your budget will be allocated to your keywords. Then we start to optimize your campaign, strengthening the keywords that perform best, and optimizing those that work less well. Our experts will assess the quality score of your ads, ensuring that you remain visible and relevant for users searching for your terms. By writing the ads properly and keeping them relevant for users, your cost per click (CPC) will be as low as possible.

What's in it for you?

  • Boost your online visibility

Significantly increase your visibility with Google Ads – more exposure means more visitors! Your ad copy will shine once we are finished with it – our experts are experienced and dedicated copywriters who will craft powerful, persuasive ads aimed at your target market.

  • Target potential customers

Relevant keywords pave the road to success for your company and your Google ranking. Our experts will find the best ones for your website, and really focus on the ones with the best potential to bring customers to you.

  • Ahead of the competition

We will keep an eye on the competition and constantly optimize your campaign so you can stay one step ahead.

The advantages of letting experts take care of your Google Ads are clear.

Our team has the experience and the knowledge for your success. You don't have to invest your time researching keywords and writing ads, and you can ask them to keep your specific requirements in mind, no worries. As your partner, Eurectory is by your side throughout the campaign.

Here's what our team will do for you

Easy setup

If you already own a Listing in our website, then we have all the information we need. If not, then we will contact you for a the information we need.

Professional Ads

Accordingly, our team will set up your Google Ads campaign with an optimized selection of keywords and professional ad texts.

Real-time results

We prepare all important key figures clearly and precisely for you. In addition, we continuously monitor and optimize your keywords for relevance.



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Terms and Conditions

No long term restrictions, No contracts. Advertise as long you need and feel like. This is a 1 time fee for set up the Google Ads Campaign, after that, there is a monthly subscription (from 30€/Month). * It is not included the budget for advertising. * Valid ONLY for Listing owners with a subscription (Business or Premium).

Save 20%


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